Bad breath begins with what you put in your mouth. Is it your morning coffee? or a spicy indian lunch? These might taste great, but leave a lasting effect on your breath.

Listed below are a few causes of bad breath:

  • The food you eat Items like onions, garlic, spicy food and coffee are the main offenders of bad breath. The odors of these foods enter your bloodstream and head right to your lungs, coming out with each exhale.
  • Food “trapped” in your mouth Food particles can stick to your teeth, gums and tongue-which gets worse as the food decays. Not brushing your teeth or flossing after eating can cause bad breath and can lead to gum disease.
  • Tobacco There are a lot of reasons to avoid tobacco products. Bad breath is another on the list.
  • Dry mouth Want to know the cause of morning breath? Saliva’s job is to serve as a continuous rinse cycle for your mouth. If you don’t have enough, your mouth loses its freshness fast. In fact, morning breath is worse for people who sleep with their mouths open. A dry mouth is a smelly mouth.

How to make your breath better?

  • Clean your teeth  Not only does it prevent odor-causing plaque from building up in your mouth; it’s healthy for your gums and teeth, too. If you can’t brush after a meal, give your mouth a good rinse with water to at least loosen up and free those trapped bits.
  • Clean your tongue When you are brushing your teeth and gums, make sure to scrub your tongue. Bacteria can stay on your tongue and create bad odors
  • Use a mouthwash Killing the bacteria in your mouth with mouthwash can help in the short-term to stop bad breath

Your mouth and oral hygiene make a lasting impression. To improve your oral health, make an appointment at Mallard Creek Family Dentistry at (704) 596-0021.